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The LASAL is a World-Class Hotel

The LASAL is a World-Class Hotel

A Los Angeles Hotel with a Theatrical Flair

From the beginning, the LASAL in Downtown Los Angeles was supposed to be a hotel in the tradition of the French Ritz—a grand, well-appointed place filled with celebrities, movie stars, and the wealthy, where a visitor could rest at ease. And rest he did for the next three decades, as one of the finest hotels in the world.

The LASAL opened in 1929 in the then-vacant land the Los Angeles Central Basin had been given as part of the city’s first bond issue to fund the development of downtown. The Hotel was the first to go under the L.A. and the Los Angeles Times, and was named after the first man to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The LASAL is still a world-class hotel, but not because of the people who work there.

“We are the Hotel de Paris,” said one of the hotel’s most esteemed executives, when the LASAL finally opened in 1929. He was referring to the French Ritz, where a guest could feel like he was in Paris.

At the beginning of the hotel’s history, the most popular celebrity in Los Angeles was probably Walt Disney, and he made his home in the hotel’s main guest rooms.

Although Disneyland has claimed the LASAL as part of its Disneyland Hotel, the two properties have nothing in common with one another, and are quite separate. Disneyland is a Disney theme park and the LASAL is the first hotel for which it was built.

But Walt Disney was one of the first people to realize the potential of a city with a growing tourism industry, and he used his talents to promote the LASAL as an overnight hotel. So if you’re in the market for a great deal, you can rest easy, knowing that the LASAL is one of the few great hotel chains with both a great location and a great reputation.

Since the Hotel opened as a hotel, the LASAL has been a world-class hotel, recognized as a world-class hotel, and, of course, a great place to stay if you’re in Los Angeles.

The history of the Los Angeles Times

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