Will Kamala Harris’s travel around the US spur 2020 run?

If Kamala Harris — the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from California — has just sent a signal, it’s that her 2020 presidential aspirations are gaining traction in the Big Apple.

In late February, the Californian was reported to have spent more than $800 in cash at New York shops and resorts, BuzzFeed reported — a significant spending spike between December and January.

Following her trip, New York magazine reported that the fresh-faced Senator was “not seen, but circulated in public,” to help sell her autobiography, The Truths We Hold. The publication also reported that she kept a low profile after the book was released, yet has been “spending time in New York and keeping tabs on international events.”

CNN reached out to her spokesperson for comment. CNN also asked her for a comment for this article, but she did not reply.

California recently held a presidential primary, in which Harris finished third. The trip to New York comes days after she released her book’s preface in which she admitted to being a “frustrated political activist,” and predicted that the historic nature of her Senate election “could help fuel a still-evolving effort to reshape the character of the Democratic Party” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.

Though Harris has not expressed any intention to run for president, insiders say that she has stayed in touch with major players from a wide range of political institutions, ranging from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to the Democratic National Committee to the Civil Rights Movement. She attended the Women’s March on Washington earlier this year, and is said to be confident about her domestic and foreign policy agenda.

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But who is she? Like many Democrats seeking the presidency, Harris’s portfolio includes being a constitutional scholar and having conducted deep dives into topics such as criminal justice reform, civil rights and federalism. She has already tackled issues related to DACA and violent crime in her home state.

While making her debut on national television, Harris essentially inoculated herself from a potential Democratic race by calling out Trump’s comments about “shithole countries” — words that elicited a blowback from the Republican Party and, arguably, national pundits.

When she returned to California on a rainy Friday, she told CNN her tenure as a young, junior Senator also included learning from the best the Senate has to offer, including at Cambridge University and Yale Law School. “You learn from the best,” she said.

Several Democratic sources within the party told CNN they plan to meet on March 30 at a private address in New York.

Democratic sources from both the New York and California legislatures said that, aside from the senator, “there will be a lot of people there.”

New York state legislators said there would likely be an agenda that discussed legislative priorities such as campaign finance reform, drug policy, climate change and criminal justice reform.

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According to schedule, Harris will be paid $160,000 to speak at a tech conference in San Francisco. While planning her trip, she also received over $22,000 for speeches she gave to audiences in Silicon Valley and in Orlando, Florida. Her final trip includes stops in Massachusetts and Virginia.

CNN reported in January that Harris received $80,000 to attend an event hosted by tech group Rebuilding America Now that included town hall-style discussions with House Democrats of varying political stripes.

In December, Harris was one of 10 House Democrats who traveled to Turkey and Germany, visiting refugee camps and visiting the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

A senior adviser to Harris told CNN on Wednesday that the senator did not directly request any of the trips in question. The adviser also said Harris was not trying to send a message to potential Republican challengers.

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This article has been updated with additional reporting.

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