Volleyball coach leaves squad after reportedly failing to make World Cup playoffs

Emma Raducanu’s previous spell as the coach of Finland was limited to five months and the current player at Norwegian club Gent said on Saturday that she was leaving her post after they failed to make the World Cup playoffs, according to reports in the Swedish press.

The move follows reports in March that Raducanu had become unhappy at the club and was on the verge of quitting after some employee comments were reported in the press.

“She has decided to move forward on her coaching career,” an unnamed spokesperson at the club told Omnisport. “She will continue in her role at Gent until the end of the season.”

Gent is part of AS Elfsborg, one of the Swedish elite leagues and traditionally manages the domestic players.

After meeting the media after Saturday’s game against Austria Hochschule Brocken on Saturday, Elise Gavet, Torben Beltz and Almog Nuricksson — the four men appointed as the three co-directors of men’s club Finland Stubbing — confirmed that Emma Raducanu would be coaching Finland Stubbing for a second time in the new season.

In the background, things are moving as well. Alma Marilima, head of development for Stubbing, told BBC Sport that while the new three-man team could be somewhat inexperienced it “should know the game.”

“I don’t think they will have to change anything at Stubbing,” Marilima added. “I just hope that we can improve things in the Netherlands.”

The role has attracted interest from a number of other clubs, including Bélderic and Beckels, she added.

Read the full story at BBC.


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