US relaxed travel ban ends after Donald Trump took office

Tourists are returning to their home countries after the travel ban imposed by President Trump was lifted.

The Department of State said the ban on travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen had been lifted but exceptions apply.

The State Department did not include several countries in the original six on the original list of countries on a “danger zone” list.

“Travel restrictions related to residents of North Korea are still in place,” it said.

Since Trump took office, it has been reported that at least 36 U.S. citizens have died in North Korea while the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program is ongoing. North Korea is not one of the eight “danger zone” countries but it did add diplomatic ties with the U.S. this year in the hopes that relations would improve.

The ban affects the 80 countries in the world that do not comply with US immigration standards.

The fact that Americans aren’t allowed into those destinations highlights the problems with Trump’s executive order, which has now been partially blocked twice by federal courts.

The ban was partially reinstated after a court injunction by a federal judge in Hawaii in February. The U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco in May partially restored the travel ban, but the Supreme Court invalidated the parts that included North Korea and refugees.

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