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‘Two and Half Men’ star Jennifer Taylor says she was inspired by her mentor

'Two and Half Men' star Jennifer Taylor says she was inspired by her mentor

‘Saved by Grace’s’ Jennifer Taylor recalls landing ‘Two and Half Men’ role, working alongside Charlie Sheen, getting married and having a son, who died of a drug overdose.

‘It was such a pivotal time in our lives because I had just moved across the country from San Francisco, to L.A., to New York, and we were starting a family,’ she explains.

‘And I had to let people know that I can be trusted. I had to let people know that I’m going to do what I’m going to do on my own.

‘And he [Charlie Sheen] became my mentor in a lot of ways because he would encourage me to stand on my own, say what I want out of my work, take chances, and be fearless when it comes to doing what I wanted to do creatively.

‘But most importantly, I also got a lot of support at the beginning. My parents, who are so supportive, they just stayed with me. They understood and they supported me 100 per cent.’

The actress stars in ‘Two and Half Men,’ a CBS comedy, which stars Charlie Sheen and is back for an eighth series on June 10 at 10pm.

From left, Jennifer Taylor, Megan Mullally, Charlie Sheen, Anna Deavere Smith and Jason Biggs in a scene from an upcoming episode of ‘Two and Half Men.’

The actress says working with Sheen was ‘one of the best experiences’ she’d ever had in her life.

‘We would just come out of our sessions, and he would just say, ‘You know, Jennifer, you look like you could be the next Tina Fey,’ she recalls.

‘And I was like, ‘Oh, are you serious? I could be the next Tina Fey?”

They’d both laugh. ‘And we’d just kind of laugh about it. And in the end, I was so grateful to have made a new friend in Charlie and then, from then on, I got to see him as this really funny, charming and nice person,’ she says.

The actress’s co-star in the show, Megan Mullally, tells Newsbeat: ‘

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