TMI? Biden ends day in Ithaca, N.Y., with hot holiday tips

Vice President Joe Biden left his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, for a brief vacation on Monday, fresh off of a trip to Brussels, Belgium. He then headed out to celebrate Thanksgiving at the home of his sister in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden wished Americans a holiday filled with smiles and gratitude.

“Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!” he said from the doorway of his sister’s house.

He also urged people to “travel,” despite the high gasoline prices. “Take a chance,” he said. “Do something. Go on an adventure. You just never know what you might find.”

A rare holiday now comes as a welcome break for Biden, who, for much of the summer, has visited hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and visited Corpus Christi, Texas, following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017.

And Biden has, in recent weeks, played a starring role in peace talks between warring Cuban factions, hosted foreign ministers in his role as President Obama’s special advisor on Northern Ireland, and fought over the future of the Supreme Court pick of President Trump.

His emotional and heartfelt support of Puerto Rico is a stark contrast to the path his son Beau Biden took, and which he sometimes vocalized. Beau, who died of brain cancer last year, has recently spoke publicly about his growing dismay with President Trump’s handling of the situation in Puerto Rico.

Biden is married to Hallie Biden, the President’s oldest daughter. His adult children make up his extended family.

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