This Woman Is Trying to Save Lives… But The Ontario Government Wants Nothing to Do With It

Nurses in Ontario deserve better.

Unfortunately, that’s been all too rare in Ontario’s political class.

Nurses, like doctors, are seeking a pay increase and without the help of the Ontario government they’ve run into roadblocks.

First they were told they would get better education. Ontario’s nurses don’t graduate from college or university with training in preventive health care.

Then a negotiation team tried to do the right thing for nurses by agreeing to ask the province’s largest private health insurance companies to match the $500 million increase in the nurses’ wage bill. But this reasonable request was rejected by the government, claiming that the private sector could not offer matching offers – a throwback to 1975.

Following this unfortunate rejection of Ontario’s nurses, the Ontario legislature adjourned without having resolved the nurses’ pay dilemma.

When the legislature is not busy ignoring nurses’ basic needs, Ontario’s health minister, Helena Jaczek, attempted to save face by giving lip service to Ontario’s nurses.

“We’re working on that,” she said. “It’s a goal that we really do want to achieve.”

No one should feel let down by Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government.

Unfortunately, Jaczek has not been able to persuade Premier Ford and the government to finally address Ontario’s nurses.

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