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The singer apologized to fans after her last show in Las Vegas

The singer apologized to fans after her last show in Las Vegas

Adele launches Las Vegas residency, issues emotional apology to fans for postponed shows: ‘I’m truly sorry’

The Las Vegas residency might end next month, but the singer’s emotional apology to her fans has left fans devastated and prompted a firestorm of criticism.

After days of speculation, the news that the iconic performer would not be back in the desert city where she had begun her career as a teenager broke earlier this week after she confirmed her plan to end her residency at Harrah’s Resort. However, she gave her fans a bit of solace: she intended to do a big concert at the House of Blues this Friday, April 26, which she says is her last show on Las Vegas soil.

In an interview with Billboard with host Matt Wilkinson, she broke down in tears as she began to confess her heartbreak for all the fans who have traveled to Las Vegas from all over the country and many who have attended her shows across North America. “I’m truly sorry,” she said. “And my family is truly sorry.”

One fan says he’s had it; another says, “This is the saddest day (sic).” A third asks her, “Don’t cry, because I love you.” A fourth says, “I am done with the music business now.” A fifth says, “All I can say is thank you for everything that you have given to me,” and six more have similar words of comfort.

“She apologized to all the fans who’ve supported her for so many years,” says a fan, who goes by the handle of @LASAGAYSOND.

Adele broke her silence on Monday after she released a statement from her manager to the British media, confirming she would be leaving the Las Vegas stage for the final time, and after she made a rare public appearance during the American Music Awards on Sunday to accept

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