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The Problem With “A Land of the Free”

The Problem With "A Land of the Free"

In L.A., hidden armies of workers keep mega-mansions on the market forever, while giant corporations get away with murder. In America, the people get robbed at gunpoint while the lawyers get rich, and everyone gets their tax dollars but the people. What a country is America really? One of the most important things about America is that it is a land of the free, and anyone who says different is a bigot, a fascist, or a hypocrite.

The problem with “a land of the free” is that most people, myself included, really do not want to live in a society where the power is so evenly distributed and the most powerful people are allowed to do whatever they want. How do you want this supposed land of the “free,” to work in the real-life reality?

There are a lot of people trying to solve this problem, and most of them are working in the political sphere, which is where most of the power is. And the power, in the end, is decided by the people.

I have been very vocal about the problems with big money, and the lack of control over it. And I’ve been very vocal about the problems with “the people getting their tax dollars” (and their tax dollars are usually stolen from the people, and then returned via legalized taxation and debt-financing) being returned to the people by the political powers that be. And I’ve been very vocal about the problem of the concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals in the political structure. And I’ve been very vocal about the need for more accountability in the political system.

And all the while, I’m getting hammered by the media, and I am finding myself constantly defending myself. I get slammed and smeared in the media for my ideas, and this is happening because I’m a true believer and have been trying to make things better, and because I have a platform through my website, and because I am a liberal who is willing to take on the problems of the left. And I’ll tell you, when it comes to big money being funneled to the most powerful, and then that money then being returned to the people for their spending, I

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