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The Murder of 16-Year-Old Ashlynne Buell

The Murder of 16-Year-Old Ashlynne Buell

What we know about the Virginia cop accused of killing the family of a girl he catfished.

It started to become clear that there was a lot more to the story of the murder of 16-year-old Ashlynne Buell. First, the girl’s mother, a mother known for her “intelligent and assertive” approach to parenting her daughter, had been getting death threats for leaving her daughter in the care of the mother’s brother. According to the mother, one of the family members who was threatening her had called 911 to report that she was having an argument with her daughter. When a deputy arrived at the family’s home, he learned that her daughter had gone into the bathroom, had called an ambulance, and was on her way to a hospital when the deputy arrived.

Deputy Michael P. Stewart of the Danville Sheriff’s Department was told of the death threats against the mother and was told by his staff that no one was allowed to enter the premises before the ambulance was dispatched. Stewart was then dispatched to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor informed him that he was unable to perform an autopsy because she didn’t have the proper form. The form required for an autopsy would be sent to the coroner’s office via interoffice mail. Deputy Stewart also learned that the mother had reported an argument with her daughter as well.

After speaking with the emergency room doctor at the hospital and getting confirmation that the mother was alive and well, Deputy Stewart proceeded to interview the mother, who described what occurred when the daughter left the house the previous day. He then went to the hospital with her to conduct an interview, after which he reported to the dispatcher that he had reason to believe there was a crime in progress, and he was going to take the mom to jail. According to Stewart’s affidavit, the mother said she was in her bedroom at the time and her daughter had come into the living room “and told me to lie down right there, then she went into my bedroom, put on a robe, and walked to her bedroom and I could hear her talking to her and to her father.” He asked for the daughter’s consent to search her room, and she “agreed.”

When he knocked on her door, the daughter’s father asked him to leave the daughter’s bedroom and search

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