The constant problems of leaking roofs

On 2 September, 2015, we informed you that there were large potholes on the Bafta Blythwood roundabout in Bath. They would force traffic from the busy roundabout to St Mary Street and Avenue Road. We reported that it would take three weeks to repair.

It took well over a year and was an ongoing hazard to drivers before John Roebuck, the mayor of Bath, became aware of the problem and his team decided to act and filled in the crater. There have been no further problems since.

The Bafta Blythwood roundabout has been reopened after repair work which is scheduled to be completed by Friday.

John Reed, who chairs the town’s ward committee, said that overnight closures could be necessary to complete the repairs. To see the closure alerts, please use the map below.

Commenting on the issue of repairs to a section of wall, apparently containing bricks, adjacent to his home at Bayview Road, East Park, Slough, our reporter Adrian Scuffham reported on 1 September:

“The wall is rubble and looks like it has been there for years. The building is owned by the EY Group, according to the Council. I spoke to the technical manager at the planning and regulatory services department, and he said the council was not responsible for this section of wall or the problems it is causing. The landlord of the building, David Evans, told the council that they had paid for this wall in 2010. He said the tenants told him about this wall and that they will fix it.”

This has now been fixed. A demolition team cut up the wall and laid about three miles of retaining wall around it on Monday. The wall is understood to be privately owned.

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