Simple Advice: Get your shoes and shorts on right

Many retailers, including Cole Haan, Keds, Fifth & Pacific, Stance, Warby Parker, and more, offer athletic-inspired or casual footwear, and for those weary of heels, even men are opting to dress down in sneakers. Some are even saying they are fashion accessories, albeit more tailored and stylish, and some even claim that comfort is part of the trend.

Whether your style is preppy, casual, summery, or even sophisticated, there is some sort of sneaker to fit your needs.

There is also the possibility of entering the specific category of sneakers that have been popular for years and are still going strong. Some of these include Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse, Vans, and Burton.

But what if you didn’t have anything special to wear or an active need for sneakers?

Instead of trekking out to malls, you might want to hit up your local sports store and check out what they have in stock. I recently visited a Sports Authority in Roseville, California. I visited there when it was closed and found a very reasonable selection of sneakers in various prices, as well as equipment for tennis, tennis balls, socks, water bottles, and other items. Some retailers in the store, such as Cole Haan, Keds, and Stance, even had athletic bags for men to use while they were walking around.

I received a good selection of sneakers that were on sale, and while most of them looked like sneakers, I could even find some sneakers that were designed for running. The trainers were either slim or tall, with colors ranging from desert to cotton and were extremely comfortable to wear.

Sports Authority prices were very reasonable, and since sneakers are often only a couple of dollars more than shoes, you might not be paying for the shoe as much as you were for shoes a couple of years ago.

I also visited the Off Broadway Sports store in downtown San Francisco to get sneakers that were nearly as affordable as Sports Authority. Most of their sneakers cost less than $100, and some only cost $60. Off Broadway has some sneakers that were a little lower priced, like Keds and Adidas’ 99-cent Street Cruiser Sneakers.

You will likely find that you can find all of the brands of sneakers you need in this variety, and stores often have even more styles than I have chosen to focus on.

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