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Roger Federer retires

Roger Federer retires

World of sport reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement.

The following takes place on the 22nd of December 2016.

World of Sport reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement.

“Dear ESPN,

I always thought that it would be great for the brand and to have Roger Federer retire. He has put a massive impact on the sport of tennis over the past 15 years. He has been one of the greatest of all time and he deserves to retire while he is at the top. I feel for Roger as he takes a very important and huge step and is leaving the sport of tennis. I think it is very sad for him and I hope he enjoys his last years.

I hope he enjoys retirement living in a beautiful house and that his family is as happy as he is. I think the best time for him to retire would be now so that he can relax and be with his family.

I hope he feels good in his last moments on the court. It is a very tough test for a professional athlete; having to give everything every time.

It is very sad for everyone who has been a fan of Roger over the years and it is very sad for his family and fans. They have enjoyed watching him over the years and they now have to deal with the sudden ending of an era.

I know he will get another chance to compete at the top level and hope he does well.”

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“Goodbye, Roger,” said Ivan Lendl.

“I really had no idea what to think at first,” said Stefan Edberg, as he watched Roger Federer retire from Wimbledon. “Then when Federer came to the net I felt like a leaf has fallen off a tree, which made it all worse. Now I get it. To me he’s Roger. No matter what anyone says, I always liked him. He had that power. In my opinion he’s the best of all time. I will miss him.”

Grigor Dimitrov,

“I think that he is always going to be a big part of my career. I was very close with him, we were together for three years with my team when he won the year

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