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Rafael Nadal to serve ban and fine

Rafael Nadal to serve ban and fine

Rafael Nadal says he and his family are ‘very well’ after birth of first child

Rafael Nadal has said he and his wife are “very well” after becoming the first Spaniard to give birth to a child through in-vitro fertilisation.

The five-time champion, whose wife Maria Teresa has diabetes, welcomed his son, Lucas, by c-section on Monday morning.

In a statement on Saturday, Mr Nadal said: “I am happy and satisfied with the health situation of my wife and myself because all aspects have been carefully taken care of.

“I hope that at least this first child will have a normal life similar to his father. I hope to continue being a great champion, as I do not plan to retire soon.”

He has previously said he would give up competitive tennis, as well as his coaching position at the Nadal Academy, should he continue to struggle with the disease.

“I would probably retire and I will not coach anymore,” he said when asked in April of his plans should he continue to suffer from the condition.

It comes after French authorities said they would ban PED agent Roger Federer for two years after he failed a doping test.

In a statement, the International Tennis Federation said that the Swiss player would have to serve a ban at the end of July 2016 and a fine of approximately $5.4m.

Mr Nadal has admitted to taking EPO, but denies using performance-enhancing drugs.

He said: “If you take EPO in sport in tennis it’s to have a little bit of extra energy, and that’s because I need a little bit extra energy.

“But is not for me, but it’s to help my body to have a little more energy, because I’m used to compete without giving my body a little bit more energy.”

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