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President Trump Can Use COVID-19 as a Political Tool

President Trump Can Use COVID-19 as a Political Tool

Letters to the Editor: The pandemic harmed students. Obsessing over test scores will harm them more.

Boulder — It is clear that this country is in a state of “national emergency,” as President Trump stated and the mainstream media echoed, during the coronavirus outbreak.

I am thankful. I am grateful for the federal and state help which helped to contain this. I am grateful that our country continues to take care of the people like me who had to come to work for the few weeks that it took to recover after the initial disease panic.

But I am not grateful that the COVID-19 virus has now been responsible for thousands of lives lost and tens of thousands more infected and left with the virus.

All that the nation has done since the pandemic began is get stronger, faster and harder. This has been a national emergency, and no president has taken more action to help the nation in crisis than President Donald J. Trump.

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump declared a national emergency, which allowed him to issue $567 billion in federal emergency support to assist states and localities.

This has resulted in the development of a vast array of vaccines and drugs which will help to control the epidemic and allow the nation to be well ahead of the virus for months.

What is more, it is a huge step to help the economy get through this crisis.

What President Trump did was provide the strongest, most powerful tools to deal with this crisis. But what is most notable is his ability to use this crisis as a political tool to help his political position.

He can make COVID-19 the issue of the week. In his first two weeks in office, he addressed issues as diverse and pressing as: the Iran nuclear deal, the border wall and a massive tax cut.

While all of those issues had to deal with serious problems that are more difficult to deal with at this time, the economy has been dealt with more delicately and in a much more positive way. The country is better off because of the economic aid that has been given to every segment of our society, from farmers to small businesses to people who have lost their jobs to businesses that are looking to hire.

On social issues, the president and his administration have made the nation better than it was before, as

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