Peng Shuai accused a retired Chinese Communist Party leader of sexual assault

Peng Shuai withdrew from the US Open on Monday and cited her ‘impressionable state’ amid an incident alleged to have taken place at last year’s Rio Olympics

Peng Shuai accused a retired Chinese Communist Party leader of sexual assault. Here’s what you need to know

China’s Peng Shuai has withdrawn from the US Open over “an unguarded moment” at the Rio Olympics. Peng, 31, won the silver medal in women’s doubles with her sister, Shuai Zheng, at last year’s Games, where the Chinese duo lost to Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza in the final.

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The Chinese tennis player has not competed since the Olympics, in August 2016, and flew to Beijing on Monday to undergo treatment for self-esteem problems at a local rehab clinic. “Following an impressionable state, I experience difficulties and have had difficulties in my daily life,” Peng said in a statement after withdrawing from the US Open. “It was caused by recent events.”

Peng reported what she said was a case of sexual assault in Rio to authorities in May, more than a year after it allegedly happened.

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“I have the impression of myself being unwell, which is caused by a provocative incident with retired Politburo member Li Yongcheng,” Peng said, referring to a former member of the Chinese Communist party’s “young guard” and author of a series of government initiatives to build up women’s development. Li has not responded to Deng’s accusations.

Deng was ranked No12 in the world in 2009 but retired from professional tennis in 2014 after a string of injuries. She has now started a private modelling career.

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