Mosman in Sydney, The Super-Swim Town

Written by CNN Staff Sydney, Australia

Welcome to the world of swimming isle. Enjoy world champions, state of the art facilities and a passionate and welcoming community — this is the Sydney suburb of Mosman, aka Moonee Ponds.

Mosman, part of Sydney’s north shore, now rivals inner-city King’s Cross for the status of swim super-regions. With such great facilities, pools and clubs nearby, your decision to move to this sleepy suburb will be greatly influenced by the wealth of swimming opportunities.

Astro pools, below, in Moonee Ponds. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota/AECOM

But we all need inspiration to get started, so our experts at the pool and spa experts at Aquareal came to the rescue and compiled a “swim in three days” challenge — try not to sleep.

Challenge one

Moonee Ponds’ pool complex hosts five outdoor pools, a toddler pool, three heated indoor pools, a kiddie pool, a lap pool, a half-board pool and a community pool for one hour a day. Two hours in the pool are replaced by a relaxing massage, over a tray at one of the city’s top spa facilities.

For 50 minutes, explore a gorgeous craft village and take in the number one rated swimming pool after 180 days of renovation. Feel those sore muscles while kicking back at a poolside jacuzzi or enjoying aquatic therapy.

Mosman’s huge heritage-listed swimming pool, right in the heart of the suburb. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota/AECOM

Enter the worlds of theatre and food, exploring the quiet city by walking through verandas and open plan balconies. There are no restaurants for about 12 blocks, but don’t worry, there are plenty of parks to stay in and choose from.

Then head out to Mosman’s hive of sports.

Beach program

Beach program Manager Ash Pell says the area’s uniqueness lies in the abundance of beaches for many miles of nearby coast.

Moonee Ponds beaches, left, and the beach club facilities, right. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota/AECOM

Pell says with an average of four to six hours of summer by the water, many residents spend their days outside. With not far to swim, bike and walk, Moonee Ponds beaches host events year-round for its “best part of a century.”

Thousands of young swimmers, taking advantage of the program’s lifeguards and visitor information, take to the waters and more than 250 major races are hosted each year. There are beaches for the toddlers and their parents, general swimming, schooling and ocean swims, salt and sea salt springs, and plenty of activities for all ages and abilities.

Beachland facilities like a picture postcard one from the local town hall for around $4,000 include tennis courts, basketball and nets, bars, screens, volleyball and Netball, horse riding and tennis courts.

The big white house…

Mosman Hall and former clubhouse — a luxury of all time. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota/AECOM

Mosman Hall is a beautiful, large, white house on the shores of pristine Bondi Beach. It’s home to the NSW State Aquatic and Fitness Club, but while in the water, it can’t be sold due to a heated inlet. Club members can still relax and stroll into the building from the beach, and there are many private facilities available.

The club facility, listed at $7 million for sale, features two indoor pools, a gymnasium and a family gym with aerobic and spinning classes. Keep an eye out for land prices for selling and purchasing: Mosman Hall is the history of swimming in the district. The building houses the then leading swimming club in the city of Sydney.

The facilities include a half-board pool — traditionally called a “splish” pool. This is a basement room that is built right onto the water. A swimming captain stationed in the place at the time would teach guests how to jump into the sea.

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