Meet the Batcave Social Media team

Alice Holden, presented on Sky One’s Newsroom, on several occasions, has recently tweeted about leaving Newsnight. More recently she tweeted that she was asked to leave the show for “unspecified reasons”, although rumours suggested she was pushed out for a tweet that sparked a row with Westminster media correspondent Laura Kuenssberg.

Well, the curtain is coming down on another successful digital journalism adventure with this week’s instalment of Cat and the Extreme and Digital Journalism Award-winning team, Gotham. Starting from humble beginnings at a branch of NatWest in North London in 2010, the team of digital geeks, data geeks and editorial editors have been rewriting traditional newspaper business plans for fascinating and original reporting into the stratosphere. Newsroom saw them pull off a historic triumph of a multi-media show in a fraction of the time. That was, after all, three years ago. Now, they are ready to take on a new challenge.

It is now time to jet-set and explore the flying lessons being offered by Airlines University in Chile, so we will be flying to this remarkable institution which is flying high in the business-school stakes. Following the success of the students in assembling a top-class restaurant at Greenwich Sainsbury’s, we are heading back to Sainsbury’s in Stratford to create a business plan and recommend new business courses and classrooms. We were meeting with lots of potential sponsors to discuss our new Evening News initiative and there was no shortage of offers to visit the renowned food supplier. The warehouse-based school gets its goods from suppliers which have a low-cost base in every major market in South America, so we will be researching how to apply that to creating the Newsroom’s cutting-edge Morning and Evening programmes.

On Wednesday evening we will be presenting live on Sky One’s Wallace and Gromit: Grandpa’s Gun at 8pm. It is all about the amazing delivery system known as the Yeti – a genetically-altered Yeti with a powerful bow – which allows Wallace, the show’s feathered showman, to deliver his sketches quite casually to the assembled studio audience. The lively programme begins with Wallace’s mishaps and mishaps in the studio at news site, before heading off to meet Grandpa himself, Gromit.

That night at 9pm on Sky One, our quest to save the Daily Mail finally continues. With millions watching, we find ourselves up against the mighty Daily Mail and members of the Mail’s staff in the courtroom. Yes, we find ourselves in a courtroom at the Old Bailey for the first time, trying to get the judgement overturned. After months of trials, we have come to the final hurdle, the audio test. This panel will certainly be hearing new evidence; we hear Yessa, the Mail’s very own reporter and major detractor, giving evidence which has been cut out.

Time to play the ‘Hepburn card’. Was the judge merely trying to play Thelma and Louise? And was that meant to be a ‘fair cop’? We hear testimonies from the Sun and Nick Griffin, the leader of the English Defence League, claiming to be being cross-examined by Thelma and Louise. The whole case is turned on its head.

In the final part of this special week, Wednesday 21 January, Tom and Liz Warner, the owners of City & Guilds, will be appearing on the programme, along with a representative from the Ministry of Justice.

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