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Jordan Peele on The Black Mirror

Jordan Peele on The Black Mirror

Why horror-film maestro Jordan Peele is entering the scripted podcast realm thanks to his own horror anthology.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re proud to announce our new podcast, Jordan Peele’s Black Mirror. The Black Mirror podcast follows the same general story arc as Jordan’s Black Mirror, with a new episode every week, focusing on a different horror film. This new podcast takes a new look at Stephen King’s The Shawshank Redemption, while revisiting The Wizard of Oz, and will also look at the horror anthology anthology film, The Wettest County in the World, with the debut episode on October 5th.

We caught up with Jordan to talk about The Black Mirror and the podcast, and to get his thoughts on the current state of horror storytelling in general.

Jordan Peele on The Wettest County in the World

The Black Mirror podcast is not a stand-alone, standalone project. In fact, it was developed so that there is no way to tell the same story in any other form. This is something that makes me excited to continue telling stories. I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy what you hear.

You recently appeared on the show of James Poniewozik, to discuss the Black Mirror podcast. You said “I want to make the podcast into its own thing and I want it to continue to be a thing that I’m proud of. I want people to come and watch that I’m proud of.” How are you doing that?

I’m doing it by letting the show do it’s thing. You see, James and I are very different [in terms of] approaches to entertainment. I want to make the podcast its own thing. It’ll eventually be available on iTunes and elsewhere, but that’s my thing and I’m going to continue to make it my thing to the best of my ability. I’m excited about the show and I’m excited to continue telling stories.

You mentioned that you want to see it as a long game. And I’m curious as to what you would say to the people involved in the podcast industry, who will hopefully get you to continue doing it even if you don’t get on the air. A lot of people have very much a short term plan, and very much a long term plan. But when you think of the people interested in the podcast, are they

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