Jonas Brothers ‘mentally dead’ as they resume pop career with Netflix special

Famously balding brothers practising a hairdresser’s trade unceremoniously burned in sketch comedy series The Jonas Brothers: Last Two Weeks in the Jungle

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After a brief hiatus as their charismatic and groomed looks gradually dimmed into long locks of normality, the Jonas Brothers are back in a Netflix special that last two weeks in the jungle. This marks the final release on the streaming service for the US brothers, who have enjoyed success around the world but have never got around to release a studio album of original material since their 2010 release, A Little Bit Longer.

Thus, the release of their most recent musical endeavour is based around a sketch comedy series chronicling the brothers’ adventures during the two weeks they’re sequestered from the rest of the population in the rainforest, after being declared legally dead earlier this year by fans, celebrities and an Irish judge.

Reuniting two years after a lukewarm profile-boosting stint on Celebrity Big Brother with Kevin and Joe Jonas, Scream Queens actor Ariana Grande co-hosts, while a witch kindly messes with the brothers’ heads. Expectfully, the sketches are notably not more fruitful than the trailer for, entitled Finishing Touches, while the album’s 10 tracks don’t sound too far removed from contemporary garage band melodicism. But music aside, as their Comic Relief slot in 2012 proved, they still are immensely charming and humble folk – gifted speech makers the lot of them – even if they’re neither dead nor too good for the weather.

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