Jon Stewart’s Melania Trump Comments Lead to Consequences for His Guests

This week, Jon Stewart returned to the world of late night TV to protest gun violence – sort of. When he visited “The Late Show” for an interview with Stephen Colbert, Stewart played into a certain backlash against Colbert from the left after he joked about alleged Trump behavior. Though “The Late Show” host apologized, it didn’t cut too deep. Many people on the right seemed to take particular umbrage that Colbert’s analogy of a man bullying a tiny child seemed to equate Trump with Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Stewart chimed in by saying the only difference between Weinstein and Trump is that Trump behaves like an “old man” and Weinstein is “a big young man.” See for yourself below.

Stephen Colbert : “the only difference between Trump and Weinstein is that Trump behaves like an old man and Weinstein is a big young man” Jon Stewart : “Yeah. Well, it looks like ‘old man’ and ‘you know what, big old man’ don’t really cancel each other out … in this case.”

As we moved through the night’s shows and news coverage, Jon Stewart’s exact phrasing became increasingly fascinating. While Stewart’s original remark seemed somewhat juvenile, when paired with some of the more casual and colorful responses to his comments, it actually points to a greater frustration many liberals feel about Trump and his supporters. And now, even when they think they’re being funny, Stewart’s remark seems more problematic. Stewart’s remark just proves how far left-leaning liberals are now.

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