Joe Biden Celebrates The Immigrant Community With Thanksgiving Proclamation

It would have been nice to hear Vice President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving proclamation address crimes, rampant gun violence, and bigotry after the horrific Texas church shooting last month, but on Friday, Biden talked about immigrants.

“As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we remember that it’s an opportunity to celebrate America. It’s an opportunity to affirm that as a nation, we’re all in this together. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us, and welcome our immigrant community.”

The Vice President started out describing the origin of Thanksgiving and how it is an important annual occasion for thanking America. It was during this time that Biden started referencing immigrants and why it is such an important Thanksgiving event.

He cited numbers showing that immigrants make the most significant contribution to this country and are a vital part of its success. The Vice President continued, talking about supporting the immigrant community and telling immigrants that they are welcome.

From the sounds of it, Biden’s office took great precautions to make sure he was not attacked by any racist individuals.


For example, Biden took time to mention everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving day topic in his proclamation.

“In our daily lives, it’s vital that we recognize our debt to those who did not come here by choice. But we also understand that it is never a wrong to allow those who come by immigration laws to contribute to America.”

One thing is for sure, Biden will not be returning to the White House if he is not the next President. With the Democratic response on everything, Biden is not likely to be a part of Donald Trump’s base either.

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