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Jane Fonda’s son, Robert James Fonda, passes away at her Los Angeles home

Jane Fonda’s son, Robert James Fonda, passes away at her Los Angeles home

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Actress, producer and activist Jane Fonda has announced the news of the passing of her son, actor Robert James Fonda.

The former actress, who was 81, sadly passed away Wednesday morning at her Los Angeles home following a four-year battle with breast and brain cancer.

Fonda has long had a strong interest in death, having been an avid reader of The Book of the Dead and a funeral director. According to her son, the actor, she began a monthly reading of her favourite book at the end of 2017, one of which was the New Testament’s gospels, the Book of The Dead.

In an official post on The Jane Fonda Project Facebook page, the actor’s post read: “I had already started my last reading before I passed on April 1st, but my mother had been reading them daily since July. Even before that when I was very small she would read them to me. She read every time she was at my house and whenever we were out as a family, which was often.

“I thought it was just a way to kill time until my dad came home from Vietnam around that time for my 5th birthday.

“My mother started teaching us all these things about death and dying (her knowledge and experience of living a very long life and dying) and we’d discuss it.

“However, it became obvious that it was not a topic that we wanted to touch. It became clear that she had an extreme fear of death that was keeping her awake a night at a time.

“We didn’t want to discuss it any further and I don’t think we ever said the subject out loud. We just talked about ways to deal with it instead.

“Every month before my father started reading them

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