Iqaluit might ‘level the playing field’ against Facebook by banning Facebook

Mark Joseph Stern: Once upon a time, in Iqaluit, residents of a small Arctic village were focused on a little issue that might… get the hubbub about net neutrality swirling yet again. That’s because they were worried about a Facebook-run “YassifyBot” app. The app’s primary purpose, I learned later, was to generate “improved quality media for anyone who was brand new to Facebook.” Residents were concerned that the data the app harvested and sold might be used for political purposes—or even the very propagation of social networking. The YassifyBot app began circulating widely among customers before it was banned last week. I asked several townspeople there about the app. That’s when it came up in our Twitter conversation.

Click on the video or the article link to watch Steve “Dukes” Dukestein explaining why this one is important and why Trump’s policy in Bangladesh is almost worthy of Trumpism.

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[Disclosure: Last year, when I visited Iqaluit and met with some of the residents to talk about politics, Iqaluit’s then-mayor went so far as to suggest that there was something pathological about my presence, including a need to reduce his own electricity bill. I can no longer recall if there was any reason for him to think that.]

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