How much does winning Celeb $250K get you?

As the sun rises over the Australian outback, some 30 celebrities prepare to battle it out in six weeks for the 2017 I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! title. For those with a budget of $250,000 a celeb will be dropped into the Aussie jungle and let loose without any help from staff, making it one of the only places in the world where that extreme contractually obligated nonsense is acceptable!

But how much money does this winning contestant actually get to divvy up?

Clearly, money is what it’s all about in the outback. In the 2016 season 10 winners, sports legend Chris Eubank, was awarded more than $180,000 for appearing on the show, reported Money. It was reported at the time that Eubank seemed to be almost exclusively focused on getting paid.

When asked about the level of scrutiny Eubank endured, his glamour assistant Michelle Collins mused, “He’s brought it on himself because he wants to be seen as a great sportsman, so he doesn’t understand the rules and just goes, ‘Oh, fine.’”

I’m sure the contestants all take their responsibilities seriously enough.

For the 2012 season winner—naturally he’s a reality TV star—Calvin Johnson’s portion of the deal seemed rather chump change at $46,500, reported In 2014, the celebs were handed a pot that ultimately totaled $1.5 million!

The Celebrity program does include an expected number of hardships along the way.

Sources told in 2014 that the contestants had no idea the conditions in the camps at the time, noting that last year’s contestants were warned, “Get used to ibuprofen and poo and sweat,” regarding their ordeal.

And then there’s the potentially deadly bush disease, gnat bite fever. Reportedly last year, two of the 2017 contestants were hospitalized for it.

Each season presents a new threat to the contestants.

I’m assuming this year’s challenge will be intergalactic.

But even so, it doesn’t seem fair that the contestants earn virtually no salary beyond the show. A new infographic from I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! “Wages”—that is, money the contestants get paid—showed to be revealed earlier this week:

I suspect these celebs may be smarting a bit right now.

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