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‘Game of Thrones’ stars who spoke about their experience on the show

'Game of Thrones' stars who spoke about their experience on the show

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For years, the world has been captivated by ‘Game of Thrones.’

The HBO series has captivated viewers since its debut back in 2003. It is the longest-running series in cable television history and the most profitable, with a six-year, $1.8 billion run under its belt.

Even as the show grew and evolved, however, the story remained largely the same: Two families battle for control of a mythical kingdom which has been passed down for generations.

From fans to the stars of the show, the show managed to create a massive following, all of which has made for an impressive year.

‘Game Of Thrones’ stars who opened up about their time on the show

This week, they will be receiving an award for the show at the Emmy Awards.

Here are some of the stars who spoke about their experience on the show.

Anna Chlumsky(Photo: CBS)

When Anna Chlumsky joined the show, she was the only child of a single mother, making it a challenge for her to survive on the show.

She said: ‘Being the only kid in a house of adults that wasn’t quite sure what I thought I wanted to do with my life, I ended up falling into a very different path.

‘I’m pretty sure the show chose me because I was very independent, and I was very independent in acting. It was probably destiny.’

Chlumsky attended New York University for a bachelor’s degree in journalism, but she decided to pursue acting after graduating, and she made her debut in the TV series ‘Law and Order’: ‘It was very clear to everybody that I had a future of acting, and that’s what I did.’

‘The Good Wife’ star had a number of roles on the

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