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Facebook says it didn’t remove the Trump ad for violating its community standards

Facebook says it didn’t remove the Trump ad for violating its community standards

Political ad in Kansas accidentally included footage of Tiger Woods among violent criminals

This article is more than 10 months old

This article is more than 10 months old

A viral video of a Donald Trump ad featuring a violent criminal was uploaded to Facebook by a conservative group called the “The Base”.

The ad was part of the Republican presidential candidate’s “Make America Great Again” platform and appeared in the last week of the campaign. It shows Donald Trump, wearing the same suit and tie, along with images of violent criminals.

The Trump ad was not approved by Facebook, which has been fined millions of dollars for a series of fake accounts in Britain and around Europe. The ad violated Facebook’s policy against including people in videos before their deaths.

It also triggered an investigation in March that was brought to Facebook’s attention by several news outlets, including The Washington Post and Mother Jones.

In a response to an inquiry by the Post, the company pointed to its community standards and said that it didn’t take down the ad, which had been shared over 2,000 times.

It also said that it was up to the individual to make the request to “remove” their videos from Facebook.

“This ad from Donald Trump’s campaign was not removed for violating our Community Standards,” the statement said.

“It was removed by the individual who posted the video.”

Facebook is under mounting pressure to address the impact of the fake news scandal on the integrity of the American political conversation.

A former Trump staffer and other Trump supporters were recently arrested in Florida for posting thousands of fake news stories about the candidate.

The FBI has also warned that Russian operatives are using Facebook to spread fake news that have influenced politics in the US and elsewhere.

The ad in the Trump video was run by The Base, an online pro-Trump Facebook page.

While the Facebook team who reviewed the ad didn’t say specifically why it was removed, the report suggested the post may have violated some of the

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