Experts say that Americans will get at least one spider bite in their lifetime

Experts say the average person will get at least one spider bite in their life, likely over a lifetime. They put out the warning of being aware to avoid the bites and treatment while outdoors.

“Hot, humid, humid air causes a lot of arachnids to be attracted to us. These spiders are attracted to things that have sugar and liquids, so places like shoes, shoes, shoes, put in front of your leg, kids’ toys, hand lotion, and coat fabric that has water on it, toys,” Dr. Susan Schneider, medical director of Poison Control, explained to FOX31.

Shoe fibers are highly valued by spiders, who find them a potentially tasty treat. Schneider told FOX31 if spiders do strike a child wearing shoes, the pain they will feel is “adrenal overloaded.”

Although there are many reasons people get spider bites, Schneider says spiders tend to bite near a source of blood. She also explained if a person is bitten and cannot wash the bite immediately, a person can go to a doctor to be checked out.

According to Schneider, sometimes people have only been bitten by spiders for only a couple of days. The spider bite will be gone for a couple of days unless there is a feeding, like spiders trapped in your attic.

Dr. Jared Johnson, a good hiker and fisherman, agreed with Schneider, stating he has “hard skin” on his legs and arachnids are rarely to be found in water. Although Johnson said he has gotten bitten by a spider that he caught in a looping web, he “cringes” when he recalls the feelings from the bite.

Johnson, a hiker who has volunteered at weekly New Jersey hikes with live traps, said the trap is highly effective at finding arachnids. He described it as similar to a hairdryer in the trap, which draws out the spider with the suction heat.

Johnson said spiders in the trap will often come up in the fly’s hair at the top of the net, which is then placed over the line. He also found the traps to be very effective at capturing sticky flies. The nets, with bright yellow tape, scare the flies off the trap before it can be placed over the trap.

Although Johnson told FOX31 spiders do show up during warm weather months, he added that his family avoids being too close to trees or bushes as it would give away their location.

Johnson also has a hiker buddy who is trained to help if he needs help.

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