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Dave Chappelle on “SNL” and “SNL”

Dave Chappelle on "SNL" and "SNL"

Jerry Seinfeld says ‘subject matter’ of Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue ‘calls for a conversation’

Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld talk about being a dad during a recent appearance on CBS This Morning. (CBS)

NEW YORK — Comedian Dave Chappelle made a rare appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” recently to talk about his new Netflix comedy special and his upcoming hosting gig on SNL, a week before his scheduled episode airs.

Chappelle said he wants to have a “funny conversation” about the “subject matter” of the “SNL” monologue that will air this weekend, but there’s no telling what he will even say.

“If I said anything, I would make up things,” Chappelle joked about his “SNL” appearance on Tuesday. “I would do exactly that to have a conversation with you guys.”

Chappelle and NBC News correspondent Jim Axelrod were discussing their coverage of Hurricane Harvey when the comedian turned serious, saying the “SNL” episode is about “a father figure in my family” and that he was just trying to have a “funny conversation” with his “fans.”

But he said he’s not sure what the subject matter of his show “will be.”

“I don’t know where we’re gonna go,” Chappelle said of his comedy career in the wake of Harvey. “We have a lot of comedy on the way, I think, but we’re talking about this week, this episode, the subject matter of the episode is the subject matter of my life, and I’m doing this at a very low point in my life.

“I know some people go, ‘Hey, you’re not on the way to becoming a millionaire, you’re just getting ready to have a ‘great time,’ because all this time you’ve been doing stand-up comedy, you know what the subject matter is going to be.

“I don’t know. ‘Can you just have a funny conversation?’ “

Chappelle said he doesn’t know what will happen after this week’s broadcast of the “SNL” monologue, but he’s been “playing with this

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