Daniel Van Dalson’s scores from the second round of the Seven Hills tournament.

We had opted to cover the second round at the amazing Seven Hills golf course near Ascoli Piceno. We took the decision to apply for the complimentary access for three guys for the weekend which has been a tradition since we covered the first round at this same location the previous year. We thought we’d just manage to hold it together for two days this time.

It never quite materialized.

We showed up at 3 p.m. on Saturday to a fair welcome from the staff and their surprise to find that The Beast, our travelling furniture delivery company, had the “hangover” and taken us to Malpes hotel. Needless to say, we felt an instant connection.

When the Van Dalson’s arrived at Seven Hills, for someone of my experience to be completely wrong on two of the first three nines was extremely uncharacteristic.

I was suddenly silenced by a menial friend from South Africa who I was playing with. This was followed by giving instructions that I never gave myself. That could explain why we played so poorly in the middle of the day.

In my defense, we did play four holes (the remaining four were in the afternoon) and on those we didn’t play as badly as I previously thought. These included the north course and that last hole where we finished tied for 70th.

The second round which began on Sunday was our worst day on the links. The dogwoods on Seven Hills were very long and blew the fairways further out as we played with the wind. I had played with Paulina before so we knew how to play the course. I had known that the greens were fairly difficult at the start of the day which all of us thought would be the case.

Unfortunately our concerns proved true as we managed only to shoot 71 and 70 for the day. As you can see, here’s where I received my so-called blood pressure on the nines to prove my point.

We felt as though we took an eternity on some holes and then sped up on others.

We didn’t tackle the back nine at the time as Paulina preferred to play (she is used to playing with me) until the next day. Still, we managed to shoot 69 which was better than any of the players in our group.

As with previous years, it was a pleasure to cover Seven Hills.

I thank Stevie and the duffers from the van-delivery guy and so on. The Rat Pack really made a difference on the course.

Whether it was paying more attention to basic game instructions, getting lost behind trees, or feeling like the we,golf writers, were the ones with the problem I don’t really know.

But we’ll tell you that I don’t know if I’ve ever played another course in the world quite like this, one that was just out for our enjoyment.

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