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Dancing With the Stars star urges fans to donate to charities

Dancing With the Stars star urges fans to donate to charities

Len Goodman is retiring from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to spend time with family after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. (Published 6 hours ago)

Goodman tells the camera that his love for show business is what gave him the strength to overcome the disease. “I had it easy,” he said. “I get to live my life like I never had to in my life. I mean, you would not believe the things that go on in the business that I’ve done and what I’ve done.” He was also asked how many people his age he could take to a football game or a Broadway show. “Well, actually, all I can say is I’m not going to go unless I’m at an old-folks’ home,” he responded, referencing the retirement home he is now heading in North Carolina. “We’re going to take a few people, but they’re not going to be dancing with me.”

“I’m taking time for me, just like I take time for my family,” he said. On his advice to take some time to himself, he added, “That’s what they do for themselves, they take time for themselves.”

Goodman is also urging the fans and viewers of “Dancing With the Stars” to help by donating to his favorite charities. “As you know, we don’t need any more money, we’ve got plenty that we owe, but if you could, we’d really appreciate it,” he said. “And help me out with another thing I think all of you would do. I know that for a lot of people it is hard for them to say no to you, but how can you say no to me? There is no question that I will help you.”

The Dancing with the Stars star revealed that when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in March he didn’t have a single guest star in his season or any dance partners for his routines. He said he asked his partner of 20 seasons, Brooke Burke, to be in his final season, and she accepted. “I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with Brooke. She is one

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