CNN censored on Twitter after criticizing China over athletes’ drug case

An image posted on CNN’s Twitter account Tuesday shows the globally recognized news network suffering censorship in China.

China’s television and radio regulations ban coverage of topics deemed “harmful” to society and to “harm the nation’s image.”

CNN’s website “hit a wall” in China on Wednesday when trying to run banner ads for a television broadcast of world women’s basketball champion China’s anti-doping tribunal, a person familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

The wall means that news about the tribunal was inaccessible. The tribunal ruled in July that Chinese swimmer Sun Yang would be temporarily banned from his country’s team for using a banned stimulant, and that Yang violated a doping rule by supplying a third party with the drug.

CNN had posted a story on Monday about the doping case. The network deleted the story on Tuesday, but it had already been seen by people in China who knew it would be banned. The story was “viral” in the country.

When the network attempted to republish the story to its website in China, it was blocked. CNN’s Tweet of the censored image was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

On Wednesday, CNN’s US editorial team took another black screen as it aired the opening of Trump’s third State of the Union address.

Color bars appeared as the network introduced and resumed live coverage of the speech. It later tweeted: “Wow, that was brutal,” along with an image of the black boxes.

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