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Caitlin Covington, a Christian homeschooling mother, is a popular beauty blogger

Caitlin Covington, a Christian homeschooling mother, is a popular beauty blogger

Meet Caitlin Covington, The Woman Known as “Christian Girl Autumn” Who Now Dresses Like a Hippie

It might seem odd, but Caitlin Covington, a Christian homeschooling mother and a popular beauty blogger, found fame through her unusual style as “Christian Girl Autumn,” the girl from the Bible who grew up in the wilds of her Oklahoma home.

She’s also one of the most prominent women in the world who dons a look inspired by “hippies and punks,” says Covington, whose blog, ChristianGirlAutumn (GGY), has over 1.5 million followers.

“I was born for the stage,” she says. “When I was little I always told people, ‘I was born for the stage.’” But she didn’t have a career at that point. “One day I was sitting in my mom’s kitchen working on a project, and she said, ‘Go and get your makeup on.’”

Covington says she used the money she earned to send her 10 siblings and two parents to public-school when they were young. “I didn’t want to give up any hope for my children, so I said, ‘We’re signing you up to homeschool in the fall.’ I was just giving them the choice.”

Covington didn’t want to miss that chance. “If you work for something you want, you’ll probably miss out on having it. I knew my children were getting a better education and learning more, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford a private school.”

The only problem was that she didn’t know how to go about learning how public school worked. So she researched it online and then she started learning for herself.

“The first thing I did was write my children letters telling them they can learn anything they want in school but it has to fit with the Bible,” she says. “That way I knew exactly what fit.”

“My children always tell me I’m their example of someone who’s been

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