British golfer has great grandfathers who immigrated to United States. She got her first major.

Less than 24 hours after the World’s Best Golf Tour received a glimpse of the United States at a National Women’s Golf Association major championship, British golfers became the new star attraction in The Queen’s trophy room.

Emma Raducanu, a 28-year-old Alevan born in Romania, captured the U.S. Women’s Open on Tuesday and became the first player from outside the United States to earn the game’s biggest trophy in the 71 years of the tournament. Her ties to her homeland? Her paternal grandparents, U.S. architect Tom Ebright and his wife, Jane, were of Romanian heritage.

Many have gone down in history as great players, but Emma Raducanu was nearly one of them before a series of injuries derailed her career.

The three-time All-American at UCLA credited a gym regimen that changed her game for landing one of the highest honors in golf.

Playing primarily off-the-tee to utilize her broad shoulders and heavy limbs, Raducanu changed her game to emphasize a lower percentage of long and straighter shots off the tee. Her regimen didn’t end there, however. Since high school, Raducanu has also been steeped in the sport of batting to strengthen her wrists and shoulders.

After tallying eight top-10 finishes and winning $1.2 million on the LPGA Tour, Raducanu shifted her attention to professional golf less than a year ago, working for Pebble Beach to develop her craft.

She began to make waves in the sport with an eye-opening performance at the U.S. Women’s Open last week, rebounding from a disastrous start to capture her first major.

“It means so much to me because I love this game,” Raducanu said. “This is my dream that I’ve been chasing and just to go and see it at work and just to be part of it after trying so hard to get here, it means everything to me.”

One day after golf’s biggest stage, a picture of Raducanu dancing in her victory ceremony with her father and grandfather struck a chord with the Queen.

“She commented on my joy on the day, saying ‘You all look so happy. I know it was a wonderful day,’” Raducanu said. “I was told the Queen saw the picture, loved it, thought it was very good.”

Being part of a youth movement, Raducanu said, is crucial in bridging some of the global gap between British golfers and their American counterparts.

“That’s the kind of stuff that matters the most,” Raducanu said. “And I feel like our game, we have so much passion for it. And if you believe in something and you work really hard, then one day it will happen and you can achieve your dream.”

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