Bobbi-Anne McCleod: Missing Cardiff mum found alive

Image copyright BBC Image caption Crowds gathered at the police cordon in Victoria Road, Cardiff

Bobbi-Anne McCleod is resting safe in hospital after being found “days” after vanishing from her job at a Cardiff airport.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two had been working at Cardiff International Airport on Friday, January 5.

She was not seen until a community policing officer sighted her walking near the airport on Sunday, January 7.

On Tuesday, her mother told a vigil outside a police cordon in the centre of Cardiff that her daughter was “trying to come home”.

More than a thousand people attended a candlelit vigil on Tuesday evening in Victoria Road, Cardiff.

Two police cars were guarding the cordon as crowds continued to gather.

A sign in one of the cars read: “Please stop pushing. Let Bobbi be free.”

Bobbi-Anne’s mother said: “We have so many questions for you all.

“We don’t really know where she is, what condition she is in, what stage she is in, what has happened to her. We just don’t know.

“That’s the hardest part for us to deal with. We don’t really know what is going on in her life right now. We just don’t know.

“But we know that she is trying to come home.”

Image copyright BBC Image caption Bobbi-Anne’s mother told the vigil that her daughter was “trying to come home”

She continued: “And we do know that she is loved and she is wanted and she is safe.”

Speaking after the vigil, South Wales Police Supt Justin Pearson said he welcomed the large attendance.

The officer said: “It is great to see that we have had this much support. I would like to thank everyone for coming here.”

Sgt Mike Watson said it was not until Saturday that they knew the journey was the right one, with services not knowing the location the woman had been picked up by the taxi driver who had picked her up from the airport.

Bobbi-Anne’s mother added: “She has been a mother for 10 years, she had two children and I was only aware that she had gone missing on Friday.

“The first thing I thought when I heard was that I was going to be separated from my children for the first time.”

She said police and her family were working together to try to find her daughter.

More than 60 people gathered for the vigil on Tuesday evening on Victoria Road in Cardiff.

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