Arthur Schwartz from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade talks 93rd Annual Parade!

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Every year, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade makes its way through the streets of Manhattan. On Thursday, the parade takes place on 34th Street, but special guests and thematic floats will be making their way down the streets of New York for Macy’s 83rd annual parade.

Joining Joe to discuss the parade’s history, Macy’s Parade Executive Producer Arthur Schwartz takes us back to the parade’s beginning and who has made this parade what it is today. Plus, Schwartz discusses how Christmas in April made its debut and what to expect from this year’s parade.

Plus, who are the celebrities making their way through the streets of New York for this year’s parade? These celebrities will be signing autographs, selfies, and getting to have photos taken with their fans along the parade route. New Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade participants are ready to show us all what they can do! Make sure to stop by for the live, free-for-all autograph signing.

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