Afghan women who make a living from folklore

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Maqsouda Zoha, the founder of the Fiqh Academy in Dari, in Kabul

Fiqh Academy has been founded by a group of 16 mid-career women who left schools at the age of 14, to raise funds for their education and fashion from a farmer’s daughter who was working on a bus.

Since then, Fiqh Academy has grown and the number of schoolgirls who attend Fiqh Academy now totals about 300.

Earning a good salary is not in their future plans, but they are happy to work in the fields and various other jobs to earn money.

As they are part of a nomadic community, in past the students haven’t had the opportunity to learn and do some worthwhile things, but they do consider it as a good step in their future.

Below is a video featuring Maqsouda Zoha (22) who is a volunteer reporter with the BBC in Afghanistan.

She talks about her upbringing, the challenges of working in rural Afghanistan, and how important it is for her to be an active member of the community and support female students.

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