Adare Manor’s golf course is where Rory McIlroy grew up

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On Lake Garda in the town of Adare, circa late 18th century Ireland, stands an imposing water tower and the Adare Manor hotel and spa. As Ireland has been won in a number of major golf tournaments, it was only natural that the house and its grounds would be utilized as the backdrop. The area that made the course especially suitable includes hundreds of acres of deforested land and huge tracts of pine and willow woodland.

Architect Frank Gehry designed the course, and the focus was given to making this natural environment feel as close to the woods as possible.

The view from the top of the Adare Manor hotel and spa’s lodge. Courtesy Adare Manor

Lights flood the large open spaces of this 3,600 acres, giving the impression of walking through the forest even when you are in hotels halls and in the expansive clubhouse. Head to the top of the hotel’s lodge and there is a magnificent view across the Irish coastline, with three of the four golf courses visible.

This hotel is particularly strong when it comes to the aerial tour. There are expansive views of the surrounding forest and the Adare Valley. This is not just a few dozen trees, but hundreds of them, giving the setting the feeling of being at the edge of nature and rich in history.

The links-style nature of this course allows for the challenging of the players.

Here you can play through a back nine which is broken into segments, with the shortest and the longest holes in the championship.

The course gives you the opportunity to play through different trees, and the vibrancy of the course caters to as wide an assortment of golfers as possible.

You will feel the muscle, breath and character of each player on this links-style course.

With Rory McIlroy as a countryman and a regular visitor, it is easy to see why the other players in the European team love this course.

There is a constant appearance of autograph hunters, and it is essential that a player lets a player check in so they can sign one for them.

After you have left the area, you have the opportunity to explore the grounds of Adare Manor, with an extensive grounds, delightful house, as well as a spa and wellness facilities.

Adare Manor offers the chance to experience the country’s magical landscape, as well as its rich history.

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