8 festive drinks that will get you through the winter

Whether you’re cutting into snowman-shaped bubbles, or trying to clean up after borscht, these are the alcohols that will get you through winter

Bar-friendly winter drinks

The arctic is here: freeze yo’ self right out of winter by tucking into these eight spirited bottles – just make sure you drink them within reason, or else winter will really be a blast.

House wine Selection Cordials £18, bobandrobuk.com

This 50cl jug of sweet sherry that’s meant to be one of the best jams on the market is every bit as pleasant to drink as it is to eat.

Nairn Gin R & B £12.50, alec.co.uk

It may have snowed in Scotland, but instead of letting cold weather drain all the joy out of your weekend, opt for this home-made dram with a Norwegian twist.

Cochuco & Historic Distillery Sauvignon Blanc £17.95, doorshot.co.uk

Made with Provence’s finest Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this lightweight Portuguese brew boasts bright citrus fruit flavours and hits all the right notes when it comes to crisp, clean and refreshing.

Star Destroyer Aged Juniper Nectar (£44.95, Absolutely Taste it Bespoke)

If you want to cool things down, take your spirits to extreme lengths by taking a pheasant decoy bottle to a Christmas market.

Malibu Tropical Passionfruit Chilli Cucumber £10.25, John Lewis

Are you tired of slathering on the bronzer? Then take a load off with this fruity sparkler from Jamaica.

Explosive Berry Little Social Red Winter Crème Brûlée

They may be bitter, but these bottlings’ berries are sweetened in a different way: it turns them into “acidised berry natural cream” (yes, really).

Henri Matisse rum-based coffee soda £18, howardsons.co.uk

This South American coffee drink combines flavours of rhubarb and toffee and enough fresh-squeezed juices to make your limbs look 10lb lighter.

Islanders Beach Cakes Cider £13.10, howardsons.co.uk

When pigs in blankets have to be avoided, this Canadian apple pie cider is your stuff.

Four on a String Cocktail Mixer £19.95, alec.co.uk

You can bake up this California sparkling ice-cream and fluff-topped cocktail mixer all on your own, but you’ll want to get a proper mixologist to show you how.

Wim Luix gin-based tonic £21.48, saxtonshop.com

What’s the point of having a gold-medal winning Olympic athlete like Jess Ennis in your midst if she can’t make gin-based tonic all the more luscious?

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